Welcome to Star-TeX

star-tex (or *-TeX) is a set of libraries and applications to perform typesetting -using TeX algorithms- in Go.


TeX is a wonderful and battle tested typesetting engine. It has been and is still being used in e.g. many scientific fields to write articles, papers, proofs, etc…

Go provides great tools and a robust environment to write scientific libraries. It is only natural to provide TeX to (scientific and other) gophers.

Originally, the main motivation for star-tex was to provide the ability to display LaTeX equations to gonum/plot. This quickly expanded to just providing the full TeX engine.

Right now, star-tex is the result of applying web2go on the official tex.web file from TeX-Live, to produce a pure-Go codebase. The plan is to split this huge monolithic piece of (not really idiomatic) Go code into a set of manageable, reusable and focused packages (e.g. dvi, matheq, …); and try to expose concurrency work items that could be mapped to goroutines along the way.


star-tex packages are installable via the go get command:

$ go get star-tex.org/x/tex/...

Just select the package you are interested in and go get will take care of fetching, building and installing it, as well as its dependencies, recursively.

star-tex is available on all Go supported platforms, mainly:

  • linux-{amd64,386,arm,arm64,mips,mips32,...}
  • darwin-{amd64,386,...}
  • windows-{amd64,386,...}
  • freebsd-{amd64,386,...}


Development happens on SourceHut:

A (read-only) mirror of star-tex exists on GitHub:

  • go-latex/star-tex Eventually, this mirror may gain some tools to be able to automatically send PRs to the sr.ht end. Or, if a maintainer+committer has the (wo)manpower, manually send them.


All star-tex code is released under a BSD-3 license.

Authors and Contributors

star-tex was primarily written by Sebastien Binet (@sbinet). The complete CONTRIBUTORS and AUTHORS list.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with star-tex?

Check out the documentation:

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