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Release 0.3

Release v0.3.0 is out of the oven. It is mainly a maintenance release, dropping support for Go < 1.16, and preparing for DVI support via the new dvi package. dvi dvi is a new package that implements encoding and decoding DVI documents. More informations about the DVI standard can be found here: The main entry point of the dvi package is: // Dump reads r until EOF and calls f for each decoded DVI command.

Release 0.2

Release v0.2.0 is out of the oven. This release is the first release of star-tex with a complete, pure-Go, codebase, that has been the result of applying the web2go command on the official tex.web file from TeX-Live. Many thanks to ~cznic are in order for writing and providing this tool! This means star-tex is now available on all Go supported platforms, and easily cross-compilable! New import path Also, now star-tex is available from the new vanity import path:

Release 0.1

Release v0.1.0 is out of the oven. This first release binds a C-based TeX engine with Cgo. The idea is to be able to slowly (or mechanically with or migrate to a pure-Go implementation. Here is the result of running star-tex on testdata/hello.tex: and here is the first performance benchmark: $> time /usr/bin/tex ./cmd/star-tex/testdata/hello.tex This is TeX, Version 3.14159265 (TeX Live 2020/Arch Linux) (preloaded format=tex) (./cmd/star-tex/testdata/hello.tex [1] ) Output written on hello.